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Our First Challenge

How is it possible, at scale, to identify all the specific concepts and phrases within the copy of job descriptions that affect ad performance?

Our solution: we developed proprietary and commercial artificial intelligence data processing pipelines to identify key ad content.

From this solution, we’ve developed four key tools that can solve real-world job ad optimization challenges.


Featured Projects

Organic Monitor

Identifies content policy violations and then solves them


Improvements led to $500K worth of hires at no cost in first 3 months for a pilot client.

Organic Monitor Example

Pay Transparency Monitor

Extracts pay info from job descriptions and provides reports to help clients understand and comply with salary transparency obligations


Facilitates internal HR policy discussions and solves compliance challenges created by limitations in Applicant Tracking Systems.

AI Job Description Writer

Instantly produces optimized job descriptions, including removal of all gender bias


Standardized, inclusive job content with zero recruiter or hiring manager effort.

Our Next Project in Pilot

A software that employers can leverage on their existing ATS to improve the candidate experience and drive up application conversion rates


Coming Soon!

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